Do You?

  • Do you wish to be more in control of your learning to set learning goals for improving your self?
  • Do you wish to learn in an environment which is proactive and purpose driven and is out of pure motivation?
  • Do you believe learning in healthy competitive environments can be actually healthy?
  • Do you wish to see how easily you pick up skills in constructing learning to carry forward to assist peer mentoring?
  • Do you wish learning to be fun, anywhere, any time, on any gadget and with any one you wish to learn with?
  • Do you believe that learning can give you direction and a sense of belonging?

If you have answered, yes to any/all of the questions, we are excited to get to listen to your query. Connect with us, Talk to us, tell us your story

Our Process

Creative design: You cannot learn to swim by reading about it, but you can learn why you should learn to swim and can learn the best ways to go about it. Effective learning is experiential and real-time. In designing scenarios of online learning/training, we emphasise on creating the context, or the why, and couple it with real-time interaction to hit gold each time with our design process.

Development: We implement the design and manage the project, through several iterative processes including graphics, animation, programming, development, voice-over narration.

Delivery: We deliver the e-learning and course development solutions selling as SaaS, deployed on a website or your existing Learning Management System, and also as traditional digital downloads. Learn about how we've helped other companies, and talk to us, on how we can help you. Or, Browse through our pre-built course catalogue.

Our Offering

  • Perform your business better with a better performing team: Learning and Development (L & D) initiatives can be more cost effective and efficient with our e-learning consulting
  • Drive performance by connecting with the entire workforce: Our structured process identifies and utilises your administrators and knowledge owners to streamline and upscale your existing LMS
  • Maintain and update your knowledge constantly: Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) curates best content and delivers it with hands-on experience, to develop knowledge, skill, attitude and behaviour and keeps you abreast and ahead in your field of expertise.
  • Leave a mark for great service in your market place: Educate your employees to deliver a great experience, anticipate needs of the customers, and invest in the right customers with our integrated e-learning consulting and LMS solutions
  • Individuals work better with deepened understanding and practical insights in the area of work: Our interactive and innovative e-learning solutions and plug ins maximises the possibilities of exploring a steep and effective learning curve.
  • Create loyal and motivated employees with better on-boarding practices in your organisation with our online induction solutions
  • Manage your L & D budget while nurturing a learning society for maximised performance and unparalleled employee satisfaction with our innovative and thrifty off-the-shelf or custom e-learning solutions

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Did you know?

  • Creating learning opportunities has a significant positive impact on the financial and organisational performance!
  • A person who is updated with the latest tools and insight into their area of work or study is a happier person!
  • A happier person is more competent and willing to attend to practical and theoretical aspects of work and living!
  • A more competent person perform better, is better aligned and committed to drive performance of their peers and their organisation.
  • A person on a constant learning journey creates natural outcomes of creativity, productivity, quality, innovation, profit, sales, market value and that person is never out of vogue!
  • Be a learner. Nurture Oneself. A better world follows naturally!

Market Places

  • Health
  • Corporate
  • Educational
  • Government


  • Clinical guidelines and clinical decision support tools
  • On-demand videos
  • Online live conferences
  • Online courses
  • Online 3D clinical simulation programs
  • Clinical eJournals and eBooks