Employee Induction Solutions

Welcoming new talent to your organization! Should one go for age-old practices of day long induction and man-power exhaustive measures. Or, are there more effective, less resource crunching, cost effective measures out there? Yes, there are.

How deep is the first impression? Does it have a make or break impact for your new recruit, for you? Well, the results are here; First impressions matter. Learning and development matter!

The new buzz words are not just creating the first impression! It is about creating ‘intimacy’, communicating a sense of being supported and belonged. When you share your story, your goals, it is a win-win, for both of you!

Do not hesitate, there are more than one reason to migrate your induction online. Talk to us!

Why Online?

  • Consistency and ease in delivering content: The experience is uniformly consistent for each person with well-defined and curated content crafted with your goals at its heart.
  • Versatility and user friendliness: The use of various technology and audio-visual tools addresses all types of learners.
  • Flexibility and empowerment: Learners can work through content at their own pace, repeat parts as necessary, and manage learning on their own.
  • Resourceful and cost effective: The self paced learning and packaging of content ensures that you get quicker on boarding with lesser material costs.
  • Productivity management from the day 1: Uniformity of content with compliance training ensures better aligned employees with a sense of belonging who will be motivated to be productive from day 1.
  • Accountability and efficiency: Tracking tools ensures that accountability and progress mapping with ease.


  • Curated interactive content designed with a strategic mix of well-designed learning methods using multi-purpose multimedia, audio, text and has your company ethos and daily operations at its core.
  • Delivered on multiple delivery platforms such as the Web, handheld devices, and mobile, and it is just right for your infrastructure.
  • Developed with contexts from real-time work scenarios and feedback which prepares the recruit to respond real-time.
  • Developed to deliver the compliance training explaining the workplace laws and regulations.
  • Organisation-wide same day on-boarding with no resource or time-crunch.
  • Full tracking and reporting for your training compliance records.
  • Fully managed service, from administration to development and delivery of online induction courses.
  • Personalised certificates upon completion for employee Curriculum Vitae.
  • Effective for corporate, government and educational sectors alike.