About us

We are in business, to spearhead a core principle. At EXZA, we believe in excellence. Ideas, innovation and creativity blends together for active solutions, and at the centre of it all is the desire to excel oneself. The moment that has gone by is our greatest challenge. We do better, moment to moment!

At the heart of business at Exza is our efforts in taking learning through technology to individuals and small, medium and large enterprises alike. We take care of staying current, while being cost effective and futuristic.

Our need is to connect globally with each one of you- the rational, expressive and creative person capable of dealing with complexity, with a vision for life-long learning. We help you grow as a person along with your team as you strive for a greater common good with your life.

Now, here you are- you could a business owner, a manager or an HR personnel or an individual with a learning or training need. Let’s make this personal. Connect with us!

Why Us?

The world is changing. Fast. We’re here to excel in this path while honouring knowledge and experience over information and aspirations. Here is why:

  • We carry forward our insight into our instructional design, project planning and management, user interface development, content curation and creation, technology application and our ongoing support services.
  • From where we are, we are constantly experimenting, improvising, researching and challenging our ourselves to create better solutions and keener insights into what really works.
  • You get the right solution from the right people! Our understanding allows us to stay grounded covering practical challenges, our years with an international client base allows us to be experts in our field.
  • Our work hours are spend in innovation, future proofing of our solutions, customer service, enhancing product knowledge and in resolving your service queries quickly.
  • We wish to align our expertise to benefit to all businesses alike – whether you have two or two million staff.
  • We are impeccable with our word!

What can you expect?

Here is how the value proposition works out. With us, you can expect:

  • An integral approach to crafting a solution for your business problem.
  • A confrontation with your existing gaps in knowledge and assistance in overcoming them.
  • Deepened intimacy with your solution provider (us) throughout our association.
  • Knowing in your bones you are with the right people with the right approach and right solution.
  • A deepened sense of purpose while we are on it together.
  • Increased gratitude for life for knowing us!

Partners and Clients

Leadership is more of a collective process than just an individual.
Meet our partners and clients.

Our current Partners are:

  • Matrix Health Australia
  • Avide eLearning
  • Intellex

Some of our Clients include :

  • Ascending Australia
  • CourseSuite Australia
  • Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation
  • Western Victoria PHN
  • Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union


On a learning journey?

Thrives in an open and innovative environment?

Focussed on starting the change with oneself?

Come, take the step towards us, lets get to know each other better. Fill in the form with details of how you wish to make yourself known to us.