CPD System

  • CPD is almost a work ethic today and promises to assist your personal and professional evolution. It is broadly seen to involve work-based learning, formal educational activity,self-directed learning and/or any skill updating activity.
  • An online CPD solution, brings all your CPD activities- learning, doing, managing and so on, as mandated or as decided on a personal level, to a single log in system which you can access from anywhere or from any device.
  • Learn online, Earn your points, Stay accomplished.
  • Our CPD system is a one-stop shop for all your structured CPD needs.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Moodle is the most popular open source learning management system used across geographies and businesses alike, as a platform for delivering and tracking online learning. At EXZA, with our Moodle implementation, we have customised the core product and added a number of community and custom plugins. Learn more:

  • A scalable, robust and highly functional solution which provides end-to-end training solutions to employees, partners and customers.
  • It enables organisations of any size to assign and track online courses, control progress and performance, create certifications and report all their enterprise learning initiatives.
  • The LMS also offers multi-language support, assessment management, corporate intranet integration and Ecommerce capabilities.
  • The LMS can easily be branded to your organisation is essentially a hub for all your corporate training content, management, and tracking needs.

We provide expert professional services to our clients, including: Moodle Consultancy, Moodle Development, LMS Implementation, Moodle Hosting, Online Learning, Moodle Integration, Moodle Training.

Course Builder

Discover why our course builder is built to for successful organisations.

  • Easy to build courses, no programming skills required: Build and design media rich, responsive and interactive online courses.
  • Versatility: Create videos, assessments and surveys, and publish your course in one click, or, select from from our quality pre-built courses library.
  • Compatibility: The framework uses JavaScript and HTML and offers the cross browser and platform compatibility. The courses you create runs on both desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
  • Compliance: Courses created in our authoring tool are SCORM compliant and is ready to load into any SCORM compliant LMS.

Course Catalogue

  • Online library of over 50 courses across various disciplines.
  • For you, your people, and your organisation.
  • Our aims are your efficiency, people performance and organisational compliance.
  • Budget friendly, infrastructure intuitive and time sensitive.
  • SCORM compliant, integrates seamlessly into any SCORM compliant LMS system
  • Are you training provider located in India? Connect with us, let’s work together to create opportunities in e-learning, spread the light of learning equivocally!

eLearning Plugins

At the heart of ‘doing the new’, in technology, lies the drive to simplify an existing status quo. We love tinkering to create surprisingly simple ways into doing things. Utility of our tools focusses on simplicity, integration and ease of use. Our e-learning plugins are unique and is ready to deploy and for use as soon it is deployed.

  • Token Enrolment: Enrol into specific Moodle courses using a pre-paid token
  • Mootbox: A pre-installed Moodle DB with optimal defaults, useful plugins, and many courses
  • SCORM Video Wrapper: Time-wrap your course video, whenever you exit in the middle of a course, by dropping it in a video pick up. You can exit the video viewing and come back another time and have the video pick back up where you left off; and for the trainer it means you can report on exactly how much of the media an individual is actually watching or listening to.
  • SCORM Document Wrapper: You can convert and embed multiple files from different sources, including files of different formats (combine full-page images with YouTube videos and PDF documents, for example). The tool offers a few easily navigable layouts optimised for most e-learning environments (which often contain their own navigation as well). The aim of this tool is for you to get your content online in minutes.