Custom Course Creation

Take a look at the best practices we follow at EXZA, when building custom courses with our in-house course authoring tool. Here goes:

  • Get to know: Initial meeting sets the tone and gives us an understanding to the personality of your company and its goals.
  • Take stock: We take stock of existing learning and training materials, be it in paper/CDs/other media.
  • Get the expert: We talk to SME’s to curate and create content suited for your business.
  • Build: We build engaging learning experience through sound instruction design.
  • Assemble: We assemble the custom courses in SCORM compliant format.
  • Brand: We produce the output that looks just like any of your in-house product.

You could be an organ isation, a training manager, a training professional, or aspiring to develop skills for continuing professional development…, go ahead, let’s connect, request a demo with us.


  • High quality HTML5 compliant courses that are adaptive to business’s training needs.
  • Converts your paper-based content to digital content.
  • Ensure the content is SCORM compliant to integrate with supported LMS.
  • e-Learning content that addresses all employees in any location, at any time.


  • Cost effective without compromising quality.
  • Custom learning tools which helps us deliver with ease and on time.
  • Years of experience working with business of all sizes, small is also beautiful for us!
  • We work closely with you, throughout our association, we make it a personal experience.
  • Our network of experts is growing as we speak, we promise to continually keep our research and understanding abreast of times.
  • We assist organisations with all their e-Learning course development projects—from individual courses to a customized learning environment for their employees.