Learning Management System

Look no further, if you wish to invest in what is relevant, tested and is simple for all your learning and compliance needs! At EXZA, we are watching the trends, testing it out, developing e-learning projects and courses, and learning from feedback.

Our LMS is built on Moodle, the world’s most popular open source LMS – with a comprehensive and growing set of features for businesses, adheres to its promises and delivers consistently. We have put our heart and soul, into customising the open source Moodle platform, far beyond its original capabilities. We finally have a unique solution with several in-house courses and customised tools, which promises, ease of use, along with cost effectiveness. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly into your existing LMS platform.

As an enterprise, you get an organisation-ready solution which will resolve skills gaps, boost performance, create talent agility and cultivate leaders ! The solution will allow you to start using it from the world “Go”!

How it Works?

You finally have the solution in your hands. Here is how it proposes to work within your organisation.

  • Start with creating and publishing courses
  • Now place these courses in a course catalog
  • Next, create a curriculum for learners and assign learners
  • Learners log into the LMS using a browser and launch courses
  • LMS tracks the course activities using SCORM
  • LMS provides online reports for each course and learner
  • In case, of any support you require, get in touch us. We are with you throughout your learning process!


  • Course authoring tool: Build courses using multiple multi-media formats easily.
  • Assessment: Create tests, quizzes, feedbacks and review reports.
  • Flexibility: Learn from any device with stutter free video and conference streaming to mobiles, using automatic detection of user connection speed.
  • Analytics: Assign and track online courses, control progress and performance, create certifications and report all their enterprise learning initiatives.
  • Branding: Easily brand the solution to your organisation using quality Moodle themes, templates and plugins completely tailored to business needs.
  • Progress mapping: Class-wide performance dashboards and progress reports.
  • Social learning: Learn within a group with multiple courses and a curriculum plan.
  • Seamless integration: We work with many LMS platform providers to ensure our content works consistently and seamlessly across all modern platforms and browsers.
  • Notifications: Notifies based on learning plan and your activities.
  • Certificates: Issue certificates of appreciation for employee resume.
  • Insights: Assess the training impact and create custom reports to be delivered via email.

Key Benefits

  • Simple tools for instructors to design courses, manage and track completion.
  • Affordable and good quality online courses developed in collaboration with experts.
  • Simple and uncluttered easy-to-use user interface.
  • Full tracking and reporting for the employer’s training compliance records.
  • Study anywhere, anytime, via our e-learning solution.
  • Mobile, i-pad, tablet and multi-browser compatibility.
  • Scalable, robust and highly functional to suit to changes in your system.
  • High level of security from exceptional LMS hosting providers.

We also Offer...

  • Develop new Moodle builds, migrations and upgrades.
  • Develop Moodle themes and plugins, and can provide custom programming or feature development if required. Our specialities include implementations for corporate, medical and RTO e-learning.
  • We provide branding to Moodle sites, ensuring themes will run on multiple browsers and tablet devices.
  • We also offer advice to select e-learning software and hosting and additionally help to develop and implement using the selected software.