E-Commerce Services

  • Make your presence known globally. Extent your brand or business to reach out to audience all around the globe. Sell online with robust and scalable ecommerce solutions with Exza.
  • Every great business with a strong web presence needs to have a powerful and robust e-commerce implementation to aid its reachability and growth. At Exza we offer tailor-made solutions that is the right fit for your business.
  • We are technology enthusiasts updated to the latest buzz in technology. Our implementations are simple, and delivers measurable results in your business and key performance metrics.

E-Commerce Applications

What is on your mind? Creating an e-commerce store? Turning your e-commerce store to m-commerce? Customise your existing e-commerce store?

A complete digital experience of your business involves design which promises richness and simplicity to drive conversions. And today we are talking more on the lines of mobile and social commerce. Moreover, you have to ensure secure and quick transactions across devices. Looks like we know what we are talking about? Connect with us! Allow us to tell your story!

Our Process:

  • In our initial meeting we try to understand your business and its goals. Once we get to know you better, it is our responsibility to engage our creative and technical talent, towards creating an authentic aesthetic experience for your end customer. Our solutions work across the entire spectrum of business models: business to consumer, business to business and business to commerce.

The e-commerce solutions we build are scalable, robust, secure, with added custom plugins and uses a wide range of ecommerce platforms Magento®, OsCommerce, X-cart, Cs-Cart and so on. We take care to keep in tune with the latest in technology, design and strategy. and it reflects in the service support and strategic guidance, post implementation.

Custom Shopping Cart

A custom shopping cart an effectively launch a business online. It is versatile enough to be added to an existing online business. The quality of your custom shopping cart is your cutting edge over your competitors and is an important aspect of your online commerce.

With a custom shopping cart to your online store you can have an extensive product catalog, set up payment gateways and shipping methods, manage and track every aspect of your online sales and incoming revenue. A custom shopping cart is highly customisable and you can add any number of features to it any time. The custom code developed solely for your business, ensures safety and security which is paramount for an online transaction.

Know more about our custom shopping cart solution. Send us an enquiry.

Third Party App Integration

We are living in the age of customisation and personalised experiences! And the competition among online businesses is ever increasing. It requires more than a simple e-commerce site, to transition an online visitor to a sale, and finally, to being your endorser- a loyal customer. Creative technologists out there are coming out with every kind of speciality tools and features to help you in this transition of making your mark in online commerce.

However, the tricky part for a online business owner is to able to identify and select the right tool or feature or service. And the challenge for an e-commerce solution provider is to ensure flawless and smooth integration to the existing system!

At Exza, we assess the scope, complexity and cost of the integration, and our proposed solution ensures an engaging, seamless,and unified experience for the consumer and your internal staff.

Online Store Migration

You are bigger, better, bolder and growing faster! And the old ways of doing things do not hold up any more! You should get a new e-commerce website! Re-design! Migrate! Well, now you need to bring all the existing data to a new platform without any worry for loss along the way! But you are on an older platform and there are many old ways of doing things that is making you stay where you are.

To us at Exza, it doesn’t matter which technology you are on, or the size or volume of your business, if you feel it is time to do the new or your online business isn’t bringing in revenue as it should, we can help you migrate your shop to a new custom made solution. We perform online migrations between technologies and servers. And you get to resume sales in no time!